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Luke Taylor's Story

My life was turned upside-down on September 30, 2018, when I broke my neck and sustained a severe cervical spinal cord injury in an off-road vehicle accident. The crash paralyzed me below my upper chest with limited use of my arms and hands (quadriplegia). During my 4-month hospital stay, I lost my job that I loved, my beloved dog, Dottie, my home, vehicles, retirement savings, health insurance and (worst of all) my Independence. My elderly parents moved me into their guest room and modified their home to accommodate me in my power wheelchair. Their generosity has exhausted their entire retirement savings providing for my comfort and care.

Late summer 2020 I began to suffer with non-stop, agonizing, neuropathic pain everywhere I have no sensation. Although I underwent six more therapeutic surgeries, the pain only worsened. My final surgery September 2021, destroyed my ability to use my arms and hands and increased my pain to unimaginable levels. The pain has progressed to a point where I am incapacitated, isolated and unable to leave my bed. To sit in my wheelchair, even for a few minutes, generates unrelenting, burning, stabbing, debilitating, full-body pain for days on end. It takes it's toll both physically and mentally.

Last summer I was diagnosed with Spinal Adhesive Arachnoiditis (SAA), Tethered Cord Syndrome and Post Traumatic Syringomyelia.  SAA is an inflammatory-adhesive mass inside my spinal canal that is progressively trapping and damaging my nerve roots.  SAA is ranked "THE HIGHEST FORM OF CHRONIC PAIN THAT EXISTS IN MEDICAL SCIENCE TODAY!" Arizona doctors have exhausted their array of pharmaceuticals and treatments covered by my insurance plan with little or no results. I am devastated by the diagnosis, but remain positive and driven to do extensive research and look for any glimmer of hope.  

I found Dr. Scott Falci, a neurosurgeon at the Institute for Spinal Cord Injury, located in Englewood, Colorado. This brilliant doctor is advanced in effective surgical treatments that, at best, may reverse my condition and at least, stop the progressive damage to my spinal cord.  In addition, Dr. Sabrina Solt has had great success relieving neuropathic pain and healing nerves using stem cell paste harvested from my own body fat.  Arachnoiditis patients travel from all over the world to receive their life-saving treatments.

Essential treatments, known to be effective on this horrific disease, are cost prohibitive and not covered by my insurance plan. I need your help to restore hope that soon I will be able to regain some quality of life before it's too late. Any contribution you can spare is helpful. I am more than grateful to you for your generosity and pray you'll find it in your heart to share my story with your friends and associates as well.  Without treating the underlying cause of my chronic pain, I am doomed to a miserable, agonizing, bed-bound life of diminishing quality until death.

I currently have 242 Facebook followers, and of those 242, they have a combination of 223,552 plus friends. If each of my friends made a small $10 donation to my GoFundMe campaign and asked their friends to do the same, in a very short time I could have the funds to get the lifesaving treatments I desperately need.  Please help by making a small donation of $10 or more and ask each of your friends to do the same. 

I am also getting ready to hold a Garage Sale in order to liquidate my entire estate to raise more funds that will help me get my life back. I no longer have use for mechanic's tools, motocross racing parts, gear and equipment, or motorcycle, sprint car and dune buggy parts.  If you live near Ahwatukee, Arizona (southeast Phoenix/Tempe/Chandler) and can volunteer some weekend time to help my mom put together the sale, please contact me.

God bless and I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on my progress.

Sincerely, Luke

 Estimated Cost of Effective Adhesive Arachnoiditis Treatments include:

Medical and Travel Expenses for initial consult with Dr. Scott Falci at the Falci Institute for Spinal Cord Injury plus 6-10 weeks recovery after surgery at Craig Hospital inpatient rehabilitation in Englewood, Colorado.  $45,000-$60,000 (assuming Medicare pays 80% of bills).

Adipose Stem Cell Therapy for pain relief and regeneration of spinal cord and nerves after surgery.
$17,000 first treatment; possible $17,000/year follow-up treatments.

In the event I raise more funds than I need to recover, I will use the balance to acquire and train a mobility service dog, and purchase an accessible vehicle that I can drive from my wheelchair so I can return to work, and/or donate the balance to other paralyzed individuals suffering with Arachnoiditis who cannot afford life-saving treatments.

More information about my condition can be found at the following links:

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ArachnoiditisHope.com sponsored by the Tennant Foundation

Pain Alleviating Effect of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Transplantation on the Injured Spinal Cord: A Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evaluation

Spinal cord injury below-level neuropathic pain relief with dorsal root entry zone microcoagulation performed caudal to level of complete spinal cord transection ~ Dr. Scott Falci

Sharing the Hope:

In the event that funds raised in this campaign exceed the amount required for my recovery, I plan to travel to Oceanside, California to obtain a trained mobility service dog to help me regain some independence, obtain a wheelchair accessible vehicle so I can return to work and the RC car racetrack.  I intend to donate all surplus to others suffering from SAA pain and paralysis who cannot afford the necessary life-saving treatments. Additionally, I aim to continue to support the following charities:

Arachnoiditis Hope - Forest Tennant Foundation

Canine Companions For Independence - Supplier of fully trained service dogs free of charge to disabled community

Paralyzed Veterans of America: Arizona Chapter - Advocacy, Supplies and Support for Veterans and others suffering with life-altering paralysis, regardless of VA status.

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