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Imagine A Cure For Paralysis

At the time of my tragic accident, I was an active, 43-year-old motorsports enthusiast who worked in parts & service for a major motorsports dealership in Mesa, Arizona. September 30, 2018, I suffered a life altering injury to my spinal cord, when I swerved my dune buggy into a tree, to avoid hitting an inexperienced dirt bike rider in the middle of the trail.  The impact snapped my seat-belt,  threw me out and fractured the C5-C7 vertebrae in my neck, severely damaging my spinal cord.

Four months later, I was discharged from the hospital, paralyzed from the chest down, with the painful prognoses that left little room for hope.  My medical team said, "Luke suffered a catastrophic injury and he will never be able to use his hands, walk again or be independent", "Your son's paralysis is permanent and will require round-the-clock care", and "There is nothing we can do".  Sensing that nothing is impossible, my mom and I began an unrelenting quest to defy the odds and prove them all wrong.

According to Scientists at Keck Medicine at University of Southern California (USC), "science today is leaps and bounds ahead of the traditional notion that a “complete” cervical spinal cord injury (CSCI) leaves no room for returning feelings or mobility.  Science is catching up and there are breakthroughs happening all around us that could change everything". 

Enter AXER-204:  An innovative new treatment that scientists (dedicated to finding a cure for paralysis), have found to promote nerve growth and produce relevant increases in functional recovery, including hand and leg locomotion, and lower urinary tract function in cervical spinal cord injured monkeys and rats. The current, on-going clinical trials will elucidate the potential relevance of this exciting new therapeutic treatment of spinal cord injury (SCI) in human patients. 

I am one of only 6 participants who have been accepted into the Phase I clinical trial at USC , beginning January 28, 2020.  My mother and I must travel from my home in Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles, California, 6 times over 60 days.  Each trip requires round-trip airfare, accessible accommodations and equipment for myself and caregivers.  At the end of the study I will receive some compensation, but this will only cover about 1/5 of my travel expenses and unfortunately is not covered by my medical insurance.  Depending on the outcome of Phase I, I will have the opportunity to volunteer for all subsequent studies.

The financial strain on my family and I from my injury is “significant” and expenses to this day add up quickly.  Please view the costs of living with "complete" cervical spinal cord injury

 (resource: The Christopher & Dana Reeves Foundation )

Now you can easily make a difference and become part of SCI's future! Together we can find the cure for paralysis. Please support me throughout my journey to recovery by making a direct donation today.  

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Also, please consider helping me organize fundraising events with your place of business, share this page with your friends and be sure to bookmark this page so you can easily return to view my progress.  Every dollar donated will go directly toward the costs of my clinical trial travel expenses and bring spinal cord injury survivors one step closer to this life-changing treatment.

Thank you for your thoughtful contribution. The entire spinal cord injury community and I are eternally grateful for your support!

Forever Optimistic . . .  Luke Taylor  

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